Explore God

You're invited to join us as we embark on an important sermon series about exploring God. We'll be looking at the questions we all ask about God, what it means to have faith, why suffering exists, and our purpose in life. Everyone is welcome. Come explore with us on Sundays at 9am and 11am starting September 24th at 3860 Bayshore Road, Unit 7 in North Cape May.

Or join a public discussion group for a safe place to ask questions and dialog with others doing the same. We'll be meeting at the Sunset Pavilion at 62 Beach Ave in Cape May on Fridays at 5:30pm, starting September 29th.


Week 1: Does life have a purpose?

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Week 2: Why does a good God allow pain & suffering?

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Week 3: How bad is "too bad"? How good is "good enough"?

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Week 4: Jesus: Lunatic, God or Moral Example?

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Week 5: Is Christianity too narrow?

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Week 6: Is the Bible reliable?

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For more information, visit the Explore God website.